The 2022 Season

A week of sculling and yoga in France? Maybe it’s just what you need.

Sculling is one of the few sports which can be practised without close personal contact. And the clean, uncrowded water of the River Dordogne at Bergerac is the ideal place to practise.
  • Safe journey. Bergerac is around 9 hours drive from Calais, so it can be reached from England in a day without leaving your car.
  • Great location. Chez Boileau is in a quiet riverside setting with large garden and direct private access to the water. Sleeps up to 8.
  • Ideal conditions. This 14km stretch of the Dordogne is flat and calm for much of the year – perfect for practice sculling and serious training.
  • Equipped for learning. In house Yoga studio, and classroom with video analysis facilities and RP3 machines.
  • The right boat. Collection of sculling singles, old and new, suitable for rowers of any age, size or skill level.
  • Motor launch. High quality catamaran launch suitable for coaching, safety, photography & video work.
  • Privacy. Exclusive use of all facilities, with optional coaching and catering support available, puts you in control of your surroundings.

The 2022 World Masters regatta runs from 7 – 11 September. Libourne is only an hour or so from Bergerac by road or rail, so we’re well placed to provide support both before and during the event itself. We’ll be offering a regatta-oriented training program, starting 29th August, which will include some fun racing events in Bergerac, as well as a visit to Libourne to reconnoitre the course. If you’re planning to hire a boat locally, and to spend some time in the area getting ready for the event, get in touch. We may be able to help.

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