Sculling with Cycling

You will learn about what a heightened awareness of the core can do for your leg-drive; and why it can be helpful to visualise of the power of your legs as balanced pistons. Posture, breathing, cadence, balancing intensity, recovery – these aspects will be covered also.  On top of the essential base-building of endurance and power, their focussed approach will enhance your rhythm, flow and efficiency on the water.

The Circus Comes to Town

On July 10th the Tour de France headed for Bergerac for the third time in four years, and the town went into high-octane municipal welcoming mode – a festive activity it does very well. A brass band and a pop group were deployed down at the town dock (sometimes playing simultaneously), and the processional floats,…

Meanwhile, 9,250 km to the west…

I’m just back from a brief trip to NW California – San Francisco and the Napa Valley. Long enough to catch up with some friends, go on a 2-day cycling trip, drink some wine, and visit a Yoga retreat. Great scenery, with autumn colours still glowing, and miles of well-tended Sauvignon Blanc vines to remind us of the Dordogne.

In Martin’s slipstream

There’s no shortage of good cycling routes around Bergerac. One that I’m keen to try is the 2014 Tour de France Stage 20 time-trial to Perigueux, as won by the great Tony Martin. Early October would be good for me. It would be best to do it with a group: anyone like to join me?