Sculling with Cycling

You will learn about what a heightened awareness of the core can do for your leg-drive; and why it can be helpful to visualise of the power of your legs as balanced pistons. Posture, breathing, cadence, balancing intensity, recovery – these aspects will be covered also.  On top of the essential base-building of endurance and power, their focussed approach will enhance your rhythm, flow and efficiency on the water.

Racing through 2021

Early in 2021 my plans for a season of Sculling-with-Yoga courses at Bergerac had to be abandoned due to the French travel restrictions. So I decided to turn, instead, to a training programme of my own. Less preaching and more practising. I would enter some of my favourite Masters events, try to get myself fit, and see what happened.

We are the Masters now

This Monsters slogan sounds challenging, but who is being challenged here? And by whom? Is this a message from the older generation to the young? A glimpse of a revolution brewing? Ot is it just an oblique health warning from some anxious Medical Officer?

The Head of the Charles and the role of the Rival

In October 19th I raced the Men’s Grand Master Singles (50+ division) in the 2019 Head of the Charles regatta in Boston. This is said to be the largest rowing event in the world, with more than 350,000 spectators and about 11,000 rowers taking part in 71 events over the weekend.
It was the first time I had raced a single on this famously difficult course, so expectations couldn’t be set too high. I had two objectives which I thought were realistic…

From Budapest – some thoughts on Masters Rowing

I’ve only just recovered from my trip to Budapest for the World Masters. It was much harder work than Sarasota 2018, which I did the easy way (flew to Florida, had a top-spec boat delivered by my helpful suppliers, and took part in one event). Budapest was a different story. For a start, there was…

Back in action at the Masters

I’ve just raced in two big events, the World Masters in Florida and the Pairs Head in London. Here’s a brief account of how I got on in these two very different Masters environments, plus some thoughts about Masters racing generally. What is it that makes it so interesting, and so different to mainstream competitive…