Measuring the Stroke

Depth, angle of entry, power curve, angle of exit – wouldn’t it be useful if you could measure all these numbers for every stroke?  Answer: yes in principle – these are all important basic details of technique. But the data is only useful if you know what to do with it.  And only if it is accurate and consistent.oar-inspired-intelligate (Small)

Here’s a device I was shown recently which purports to collect just such data, but we don’t yet know how well it works.  A similar product has just introduced to the US market which makes similar claims.

One of the projects I’m keen to pursue in Bergerac is to get hold of this equipment and do some serious practical tests, tied in with a real-life training program, to see what contribution, if any, the information it provides could make to improving performance.

If you come here for a training visit you may thus find yourself thrust unceremoniously into guinea-pig mode, being measured and assessed in ways which you do not at first understand.  But all will become clear eventually. We hope. 

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