A chance to play on well-kept clay

Clay is a wonderful surface to play on, but it’s not used as much in the UK as it is in the US and France. The reason is weather: you can’t play on a wet court.  It’s hard to maintain, too. Not quite as problematic as a grass court, but there’s no doubt that keeping a traditional clay court in top playing condition takes a lot of time and effort.


The club offers professional coaching for all ages


Aerial view of the club’s nine courts and clubhouse



So we’re fortunate here in  having five top class clay courts, two of them under cover and with lighting, within 10 minutes walking distance, at our local tennis club.  They also have four asphalt courts (which cost less to use) a pleasant club house (where you can get excellent coffee), and a team of coaches who can provide lessons for all ages (en français, naturellement).

The club welcomes visitors – so if you like tennis, this is the place to come when you feel like a change from the in-house activities back in the Allée Beau Rivage.

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