House details

Quinze allée Beau Rivage (aka QBR) is located in a quiet cul-de-sac on the eastern edge of Bergerac. It occupies a large plot which includes 40m of easily-accessible riverbank on the north side of the Dordogne.  Built in 1969 in the distinctive “contemporary” style of the period, it was enlarged and converted in 2017 by the present owner, a London-based teacher, to enhance its potential as a sports-training base.

Most of the June – September summer season is reserved for the ChezB sports training programme which Edward Boileau and his associates are developing. (Availability of places on these courses can be seen on the Calendar page.)

At other times of year, the house will be available on a “holiday let” basis.  It will not be offered through the usual agency channels, though, because of the specialised nature of the setup, which makes it particularly suitable for experienced sports-oriented visitors, and potentially unsuitable for ordinary holidaymakers.  For this reason, weekly lettings will, for the time being at least, be subject to eligibility requirements, which will include membership of recognised rowing / cycling clubs or corporate teams.

PRICES are not currently being published.  Being in the early stages of development, we are more concerned with finishing the work and getting things right than in generating income. So prices for 2018 bookings will be individually agreed to reflect the current situation, the requirements of the potential tenant, and the contribution they can make to the project. Let us know if you’re interested in coming, anyway, and we can discuss the possibilities.

The following notes describe QBR’s facilities, and the arrangements for arrival, departure etc. As a User Guide it’s far from complete, so please feel free to ask for further information on any point.

Housekeeper, Keyholder & trouble-shooter.  Contact details. XXXXXXX

Technical support for bikes & boats.  Contact details. XXXXXXX

Sunday Arrival and Departure. Departing guests are asked to leave the house by 10.00 am. Incoming tenants should arrive after 4.00 pm.

Towels and sheets are provided.

Bedroom configurations:

  • Bedroom 1
  • Bedroom 2
  • Bedroom 3
  • Bedroom 4

Bathroom details & locations

  • Shower room 1
  • Shower room 2
  • Bathroom
  • Shower room 3

Kitchen / Dining facilities

Other rooms

  • Utility and changing room
  • Bike workshop
  • Boat-storage space
  • Yoga studio
  • Meeting room
  • Changing room & ergo area