Calendar 2018

15 allée Beau Rivage
Allocation of weeks for 2018

Updated 14th Sept 2017

Weeks start on Sundays, and the Status column indicates availability.

If a week is shown as “Free“, then the house is available for renting.
Private” shows that the week is reserved for an individual tenant, and that there will be no third-party access.
Group” shows that the house is reserved for an independently-organised party which which may have places available (the number in brackets shows how many places are free).
“ChezB” refers to the Chez Boileau courses of combined Sculling, Cycling and Yoga. Most of the Summer weeks from June to October are reserved for these courses. They are designed for small groups – typically up to 6 people – and the number of currently available places is shown in brackets.

The Info Link takes you to further information where applicable.

 Month Week Status Info Link
JUL 01/07/18 Private n/a
08/07/18) Private n/a
15/07/18 ChezB (Spaces: 4) Course details
22/07/18 Private n/a
29/07/18 With Charlotte Camp  (spaces: full) Course details
 AUG 05/08/18 With Charlotte Camp  (spaces: from 8th to 11th only) Course details
12/08/18 With Charlotte Camp  (spaces: 2) Course details
19/08/18 Uni student Sculling camp with Charlotte Camp (spaces: enquire) Course details
26/08/18 Uni student Sculling camp with Charlotte (spaces: enquire) Course details
Sept 02/09/18 to 6 September Nottingham Uni sculling Camp Course details
7th Sept to 10th Sept Sculling with Mindfulness
11/Sept/18 ChezB (6) Course details
16/09/18 Free Please enquire
23/09/18 Free or Larissa Yoga Please enquire
30/09/18 Free or Larissa yoga Please enquire
OCT 07/10/18 Free House detail
12th October to15th 18 Sculling with Mindfulness
21/10/18 Free House detail
28/10/18 Free Please enquire
NOV 04/11/18 Free Please enquire
11/11/18 Free House detail
18/11/18 Free Please enquire
25/11/18 Free House detail
DEC 02/12/18 Free House detail
09/12/18 Free House detail
16/12/18 Free House detail
23/12/18 Free House detail
30/12/18 Free House detail