2019 Activities

What’s on for 2019?

For much of the year, particularly during the Low season (Nov – Apr) the house will be available for rental on a weekly holiday-let basis.

Because of the specialised nature of the facilities, though, only those technically proficient in the activities they intend to pursue – Sculling, Cycling or Yoga – will normally be offered tenancies; but please don’t hesitate to enquire. Weeks start and end on Sundays.

Weekly rents are from £1,000 to £3,500 depending on time of year. To see which weeks are currently available, see the booking calendar (right).

Specialist courses

During much of the High Season (May – Oct), there will be a succession of courses offering learning and training opportunities in each of our specialist fields (Sculling, Cycling and Yoga).

These all-inclusive courses are available for individuals or small groups and can be tailored to all standards, from beginners to international-event race preparation. They will be run under the general direction of Ali Boileau, working with a series of distinguished guest coaches at different times. See below for details of who and when.

Prices vary from £850 to £1,800 per person depending on time of year and the nature of the course. To see what’s currently scheduled, see the Calendar. If you would like to register an interest in a particular course, please get in touch..

Summer sculling camps

Charlotte Taylor

Superfast champion sculler Charlotte Taylor will be back in August 2019 for a repeat of her popular 2018 training camps. 

Charlotte’s progress in coaching this year has been similar to her meteoric rise in sculling (see earlier blog post).  Her camp in August 2018 was a big success, with visitors from California, Germany, Scotland and of course the London Tideway all making huge progress.  Feedback from the visitors’ book included many comments such as: “outstanding”, “wonderful” and “best coaching and progress ever!”

(Note by Ali: I joined one of her coaching groups for a week during August and felt significant improvements in my posture, flow and connection.  I got faster during that week thanks to a small change which resulted in a stronger and better connected drive.  She made similar improvements to all the scullers who came. )

Her Reading University scullers clocked up their best results ever during 2018, with four quads qualifying for Henley Royal Regatta; and in December, she was invited to coach the Great Britain under-23 quad for a series of sessions at Dorney Lake. Clearly, the GB national team had noticed how quickly her scullers were moving; she speeds people up!

We’re delighted that Charlotte will be back in Bergerac for the whole of August, and we’ll start taking bookings (with deposits) from mid-February.  See here later for details of the programme and prices. Meanwhile, you can register your interest via the contact form.

Nutrition for Rowers

A nutrition specialist based in London, Sue Appelboom offers practical nutrition and lifestyle advice designed to help her clients, many of them sports people, to play an active role in the improvement of their health and wellbeing.

Sue Appelboom

As an oarswoman in the 1990s, Sue was outstandingly successful . A member of the GB squad, she also won the women’s lightweight singles event at Henley for 10 years in a row – an achievement not seen before or since – and had at least 3 wins in the Tideway Scullers’ Head. This experience showed her how diet influences performance, and how nutrition combined with lifestyle changes can boost vitality and peak performance, while also being enjoyable.

The process of resolving her own health issues in middle-age taught her how nutrition can help restore wellness and establish equilibrium.

For two weeks in 2019 (June 21 and Sept 21) Sue will come to Bergerac as our guest coach, assisted by Ali (who was himself coached by Sue in 2000 – 2003). You could sign up to join them there for a week of sculling, cycling, yoga and eating – and come away with your personal Appelboom nutrition plan. Details of the programme and prices will be posted here later. Meanwhile, you can register your interest via the contact form. Read more…

Healthy Eating for Athletes

Based in Henley-on-Thames, Joy Skipper has worked in the food industry for over twenty years, writing food features and cookery books as well as advising clients on the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Joy Skipper

For the past 16 years she has also competed successfully as an International rower and sculler, in lightweight, heavyweight and Masters events.

More recently, she started to compete in endurance cycling events, including Bangkok to Singapore and LEJOG, and this year will be taking part in Le Cure in the Alps.

Joy’s varied sporting experience ensures she understands the demands put on the body and mind in tough training schedules and races, and she uses this experience when helping athletes and sports people to reach their peak performance through diet and lifestyle changes.

From 19th – 24th April, Joy will be in Bergerac as our guest coach. You could join her there for a week of sculling, cycling, food shopping, cooking and of course eating. Read more…

Yoga for Rowers

Yoga is a well-known route to improved performance for rowers. This is particularly true with the Vinyasa discipline, with its emphasis on performing a sequence of flowing movements. Vinyasa helps build core strength, while also enhancing your awareness and your control of posture, breathing, balance and rhythm. It can also play a vital role in the avoidance of injury.

American rowers have in recent years taken to Vinyasa yoga in a big way, and if you bring the subject up on that side of the Atlantic, you’ll hear one name coming up constantly: Marina Traub.

Marina takes to the water

Based in Philadelphia, Marina is a rare phenomenon: a natural born teacher with over 12 years’ experience as a collegiate rowing coach, she combines a deep understanding of oarsmanship with an ability to explain, and more importantly to demonstrate, how Vinyasa routines can safely be learned and used by rowers of all ages and standards.

For 4 weeks starting on 7th July, Marina will be at Chez Boileau for the European launch of her Vinyasa classes which have been such a hit with rowers all over the USA, from Boston to Seattle to Sarasota. If you’re serious about improving your rowing, here’s your chance to sign up for a week of highly focused training activity – not just Yoga, but sculling and cycling too. Ali Boileau will be there for much of the time, and will be helping mainly with the sculling coaching.

Places are limited, so early booking is recommended. Read more…

Triathlon for Rowers

The Triathlon world has seen a big influx of rowers to the sport in recent years – and this is in no small part due to the influence of Toby Garbett. Toby is not only a two-time World Champion rower, but is also GB national champion in Triathlon for his age group, and an active sports coach working with groups and institutions of all kinds.

Toby is a highly experienced instructor

For two weeks from 6 Oct, Toby will be running a Triathlon course at Chez Boileau. Since the purpose of the course is to demonstrate how and why Triathlon training can be helpful to rowers, the course will include daily sculling, as well as the three Triathlon sports of running, cycling and swimming. Toby’s understanding of fitness, training loads and programs, focus and performance is outstanding – and this is a rare opportunity to train with him in the superb conditions of the Dordogne.

Get in touch if you would like to register an interest, or to ask some questions. Read More…